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Heathcliff (also known as Heathcliff and The Catillac Cats) is an animated television series that debuted on September 5, 1984.It was the second series based on the Heathcliff comic strip and was produced by DIC Entertainment. It ran in syndication until 1988 with a total of 86 episodes. The first show based on the comic strip was Heathcliff and Dingbat, which debuted in 1980 and was produced by Ruby-Spears. Mel Blanc provided the voice of Heathcliff in both series.


The first season ran for 65 episodes and the second season for 21 more. Each episode included a backup segment featuring The Catillac Cats, which is why this show is sometimes referred to as Heathcliff and The Catillac Cats (the second segment is referred to in the closing credits as "Cats & Co".). While the series was on the air, a movie, aptly titled Heathcliff: The Movie, was released which was a compilation of segments from this show.


Heathcliff: Title character, he is a street-smart cat, who spends most of his time trying to turn a dustbin over onto people's heads. Heathcliff is a real street cat who loves to fight anyone and everyone and will lie, cheat and steal to get himself some food, but beneath it all, he's a good guy. Heathcliff is voiced by Mel Blanc.

Sonja: Heathcliff's love, a fluffy white Persian cat, who wears a pink collar. Heathcliff is always trying to win Sonja over, although generally she is not usually too impressed with Heathcliff's antics as she is a far classier type of cat. Sonja is voiced by Marilyn Lightstone.

Knuckles: Dress in a pink hat and a red-and-black striped shirt, Knuckles and his henchman are not really Heathcliff's enemies—more like a group of cats that he constantly annoyed and/or bullied. More often than not they were after him, because he had tried to trick them in some way. Knuckles is voiced by Derek McGrath.

Spike: Probably the closest thing to a nemesis that Heathcliff had, Spike was no-where near as clever as Heathcliff—all brawn and no brains. Spike is owned by a neighborhood bully called Muggsy. Heathcliff was quite able to handle both of them when necessary. Spike is voiced by Derek McGrath.

Iggy Nutmeg: Heathcliff's owner who lived with his grandparents. Iggy sometimes takes Heathcliff to strange places and new locations for adventures. Iggy is voiced by Donna Christie.

Marcy: A small girl who lived in the same neighborhood as Iggy's family. Marcy always saw the best in Heathcliff and thought he was a little angel. She also loves to have Heathcliff ride in her baby doll carriage, which for the most part Heathcliff is more than happy to oblige. Marcy is voiced by Jeannie Elias.


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