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Designing Women is an American television sitcom that centered around the working and personal lives of four Southern women and one man in an interior design firm in Atlanta, Georgia. It aired on the CBS Television network from September 29, 1986 until May 24, 1993. The show was created by writer Linda Bloodworth-Thomason, who wrote many of the episodes in the show's initial seasons.

Sisters Julia Sugarbaker (Dixie Carter) and Suzanne Sugarbaker (Delta Burke) are polar opposites. Julia is an elegant, outspoken liberal intellectual; Suzanne is a rich, flashy, often self-centered former beauty queen and Miss Georgia World. They are constantly at personal odds but have launched Sugarbaker Designs, an interior design firm. Julia manages the company while Suzanne is mostly a financial backer who simply hangs around and annoys everyone under the guise of being the firm's salesperson.

The pragmatic designer Mary Jo Shively (Annie Potts), and the sweet-natured but somewhat naive office manager Charlene Frazier Stillfield (Jean Smart) were initial investors. Anthony Bouvier (Meshach Taylor), a former prison inmate who was falsely accused and convicted of a robbery, was the only man on staff and later in the series became a partner. Bernice Clifton (Alice Ghostley), an absent-minded friend of the Sugarbaker matriarch, also appeared frequently.

Created by Linda Bloodworth-Thomason


Delta Burke (1986-1991)

Dixie Carter

Annie Potts

Jean Smart (1986-1991)

Meshach Taylor

Julia Duffy (1991-1992)

Jan Hooks (1991-1993)

Judith Ivey (1992-1993)

Country of origin United States

No. of seasons 7

No. of episodes 163


Running time approx. 30 minutes (with commercials)

Production company(s) Bloodworth-Thomason

Mozark Productions

Columbia Pictures Television


Original channel CBS

Original run September 29, 1986 – May 24, 1993

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