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Spin City (renamed to Chaos City in some countries) is an American sitcom television series that ran from 1996 to 2002 on ABC. Created by Gary David Goldberg and Bill Lawrence, the show was based on a fictional local government running New York City, and originally starred Michael J. Fox as Mike Flaherty, the Deputy Mayor of New York. The show was cancelled in 2002 due to low ratings from the 2001–2002 season and a change in target demographics.

In 2000, Paramount Television (which produced Michael J. Fox's earlier sitcom, Family Ties) began syndicating the series to local stations (Paramount parent Viacom would later buy the show's producer DreamWorks). It and successor companies owned distribution rights until 2009, when DreamWorks became independent again. The syndication rights are held by ABC's syndication arm, Disney-ABC Domestic Television, as Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures began distributing DreamWorks live-action films in 2009. However, the Paramount Television logo tag remains to be shown after the end credits of reruns of the series.

Created by Gary David Goldberg

Bill Lawrence

Starring Michael J. Fox (seasons 1–4)

Charlie Sheen (seasons 5–6)

Heather Locklear (seasons 4–6)

Barry Bostwick

Richard Kind

Michael Boatman

Alan Ruck

Carla Gugino (early season 1)

Connie Britton (seasons 1–4)

Alexander Chaplin (seasons 1–4)

Victoria Dillard (seasons 1–4)

Jennifer Esposito (seasons 2–3)

Lana Parrilla (season 5)

Theme music composer Shelley Palmer (seasons 1 and 4)

Danny Pelfrey (seasons 5–6)

Country of origin USA

No. of seasons 6

No. of episodes 145 (List of episodes)


Executive producer(s) Gary David Goldberg (seasons 1–3, 5–6)

Michael J. Fox (seasons 1–4)

Bill Lawrence (season 3)

David S. Rosenthal

Andy Cadiff (season 4)

Tom Hertz (season 6)

Camera setup Film; Multiple camera

Running time approx. 22 minutes

Production company(s) Ubu Productions

Lottery Hill Entertainment

DreamWorks SKG

Distributor Paramount Television Distribution (2000–2006)

CBS Paramount Television Distribution (2006–2007)

CBS Television Distribution (2007–2009)

Disney-ABC Domestic Television (2009–present)


Original channel ABC

Picture format 480i (SDTV; entire run)

720p (HDTV; season 6)

Original run September 17, 1996 – April 30, 2002

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