Adventure/Espionage Series

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Advetnure/ Espionage describe shows involving characters placed in dangerous situations who must rely on their wits and skills. In many (but not all) cases, the characters are spies, secret agents, and/or undercover military personnel, often involved in international intrigue.

Robert Butler on directing Mission: Impossible; on directing suspense
Lucy Lawless on "Xena's" wardrobe on Xena: Warrior Princess
Jack Larson on why the Superman character has remained popular
Henry Winkler on producing MacGyver
Barbara Corday on writing for Wonder Woman
Reuben Cannon on casting The Greatest American Hero
Who talked about this genre

Howard Anderson, Jr.

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Howard Anderson Jr. on creating the opening titles for Wonder Woman

Donald Bellisario

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Donald Belisario on creating Quantum Leap

Harve Bennett

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Harve Bennett on producing The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman

Dick Berg

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Dick Berg on writing SuspicionAlfred Hitchcock Presents, and The Third Man

Vin Di Bona

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Vin Di Bona on producing MacGyver

Ernest Borgnine

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Ernest Borgnine on his role on Airwolf with Jan-Michael Vincent; on the premise of Airwolf, produced by Donald Bellisario, and his character

Eric Braeden

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Eric Braeden on co-starring in The Rat Patrol as "Captain Hans Dietrich" and the show not accurately depicting historical facts

Robert Butler

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Robert Butler on directing the pilot and several episodes of Batman
Robert Butler on directing Mission: Impossible; on directing suspense
Robert Butler on co-creating Remington Steele

Reuben Cannon

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Reuben Cannon on casting The Greatest American Hero
Reuben Cannon on casting The A-Team

Bob Claver

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Bob Claver on directing The Munsters Today  and Automan

Robert Conrad

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Robert Conrad on auditioning for and shooting Hawaiian Eye
Robert Conrad on the basic premise of Hawaiian Eye
Robert Conrad on playing "Greg 'Pappy' Boyington" on Baa-Baa Black Sheep

Barbara Corday

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Barbara Corday on writing for Wonder Woman

John Debney

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John Debney on composing for seaQuest DSV for executive producer Steven Spielberg

Richard Donner

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Richard Donner on directing The Man From U.N.C.L.E  (Donner incorrectly identifies Jill Ireland as Jill St. John)

Peter Ellenshaw

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Harrison Ellenshaw on his father working on Zorro

Ruth Engelhardt

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Ruth Engelhardt on packaging I Spy for Sheldon Leonard

Jeannie Epper

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Jeannie Epper on being Lynda Carter's stunt double on Wonder Woman

Barbara Feldon

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Barbara Feldon on the premise and subtext of Get Smart - a satire about the world of political espionage

Mike Fenton

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Mike Fenton on casting Gomer Pyle - U.S.M.C. and I Spy

Ron Friedman

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Ron Friedman on writing for The Fall Guy

Chuck Fries

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Chuck Fries on Ziv Productions producing Sea Hunt starring Lloyd Bridges and on producer Ivan Tors

David Gerber

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David Gerber on approving Batman  as head of 20th Century Fox Television 
David Gerber on selling Irwin Allen's Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Herschel Burke Gilbert

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Herschel Burke Gilbert on his music being used for The Adventures of Superman, and other shows that used the MUTEL library

Sandra Gimpel

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Sandra Gimpel on performing stunts on The Bionic Woman

Lesli Linka Glatter

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Lesli Linka Glatter on being tapped by Steven Spielberg to direct Amazing Stories
Lesli Linka Glatter on directing and executive producing Homeland

Leonard Goldberg

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Leonard Goldberg on casting and producing Charlie's Angels
Leonard Goldberg on the supporting cast, production, and the 2000 movie version of Charlie's Angels
Leonard Goldberg on the creation, casting and series run of Fantasy Island
Leonard Goldberg on the creation and casting of Hart to Hart

Jonathan Harris

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Jonathan Harris on appearing on Zorro, starring Guy Williams

Eartha Kitt

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Eartha Kitt on acting on the series I Spy

Perry Lafferty

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Perry Lafferty on producing The Aquanauts aka Malibu Run

Ring Lardner, Jr.

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Ring Lardner, Jr. on writing for The Buccaneers and The Adventures of Sir Lancelot

Glen A. Larson

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Glen A. Larson on creating the pilot for Knight Rider
Glen A. Larson on the genesis and casting of The Fall Guy

Lucy Lawless

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Lucy Lawless on playing "Xena" on Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
Lucy Lawless on playing "Xena" on Xena Warrior Princess  (Part 1)
Lucy Lawless on playing "Xena" on Xena: Warrior Princess  (Part 2)
Lucy Lawless on playing "Lucretia" on Spartacus

Gene LeBell

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Gene LeBell on his stunt work on the television and film versions of Batman
Gene LeBell on his experiences doing public appearances with Adventures of Superman star George Reeves, and his doubt that Reeves committed suicide (as was officially determined)

Sheldon Leonard

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Sheldon Leonard on creating I Spy

Richard Lewis

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Richard Lewis on producing Crusader

Leslie H. Martinson

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Leslie H. Martinson on directing The Six Million Dollar Man
Leslie H. Martinson on directing Wonder Woman
Leslie H. Martinson on directing Fantasy Island
Leslie H. Martinson on directing Airwolf

Howard Morris

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Howard Morris on appearing on Baywatch

Pam Polifroni

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Pam Polifroni on casting MacGyver

Della Reese

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Della Reese on guest-starring on The A-Team, Crazy Like a Fox, 227, Night Court, and MacGyver

John Rich

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John Rich on producing MacGyver

Barney Rosenzweig

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Barney Rosenzweig on the long road to getting hired on Charlie's Angels and changes he brought to the show
Barney Rosenzweig on the long road to getting hired on Charlie's Angels and changes he brought to the show

Marion Ross

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Marion Ross on guest-starring on MacGyver

Stanley Ralph Ross

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Stanley Ralph Ross on writing the third pilot for Wonder Woman

Joseph Sargent

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Joseph Sargent on directing The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Lalo Schifrin

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Lalo Schifrin on composing the Mission: Impossible  theme

Ralph Senensky

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Ralph Senensky on the difficulty of directing Mission: Impossible; on working with the stars of the show
Ralph Senensky on actual F.B.I. input on The F.B.I.; on sponsor Ford Motor Cars; on specific episodes of the show: "The Death Wind", and "The Assassin"

James Sheldon

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James Sheldon on directing an episode of The Fugitive and getting a shot in despite the fact that there was a fire burning nearby
James Sheldon on directing The Fugitive
James Sheldon on why he enjoyed directing Route 66 and Naked City
James Sheldon on the first episode of Route 66 that he directed

Jaclyn Smith

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Jaclyn Smith on starring as "Kelly Garrett" on Charlie's Angels
Jaclyn Smith on playing "Kelly Garrett" on Charlie's Angels

Herbert F. Solow

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Herbert F. Solow on the development of Mission: Impossible
Herbert F. Solow on the legacy of Desilu's productions, including Mission: Impossible and The Untouchables
Herbert F. Solow on the quality of Bruce Gellar's work on Mission: Impossible and his contribution to the show
Herbert F. Solow on Steven Hill as the original "Mr. Briggs" on Mission: Impossible
Herbert F. Solow on Peter Graves being cast as the new lead on Mission: Impossible
Herbert F. Solow on working with Peter Graves on Mission: Impossible
Herbert F. Solow on the long running success of the TV show Mannix
Herbert F. Solow on a crowd's reaction to Greg Morris from Mission: Impossible

Fred Steiner

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Fred Steiner on composing for Navy Log

Nick Stewart

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Nick Stewart on playing "Willy-Willy" on Ramar of the Jungle

Robert Vaughn

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Robert Vaughn on The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
Robert Vaughn on The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (contd.) - on the different seasons, gadgets, his contract

George Watters

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George Watters on editing Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea for Irwin Allen

Ben Wolf

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Ben Wolf on shooting Climax!

Frederic Ziv

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Frederic Ziv on being the father of the action-adventure genre on television