Music Director

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Buddy Baker

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Buddy Baker on becoming Musical Director of WED Enterprises (WED - Walt Elias Disney)
Buddy Baker on the "Buddy Baker" style of music

Cliff Barrows

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Cliff Barrows on becoming permanent music director for Reverend Billy Graham 
Cliff Barrows on his biggest challenge as a music director
Cliff Barrows on how he selects music

Bill Conti

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Bill Conti on being asked to conduct and be music director for the Academy Awards

Milton Delugg

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Milton Delugg on the rules regarding live music on television and how Dick Clark eventually changed them
Milton Delugg on his musical style

Kevin Eubanks

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Kevin Eubanks on being promoted from band member to bandleader on The Tonight Show Starring Jay Leno

Ian Fraser

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Ian Fraser on the role of a Music Director and Orchestrator

Herschel Burke Gilbert

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Herschel Burke Gilbert on the differences between composing for film and composing for television
Herschel Burke Gilbert on his style, and on his preservation efforts

Jerry Goldsmith

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Jerry Goldsmith on the process of composing for television

Skitch Henderson

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Lyle "Skitch" Henderson on hiring musicians for NBC, and on hiring Doc Severinsen
Lyle "Skitch" Henderson on dealing with sound on television as opposed to a live performance
Lyle "Skitch" Henderson on his musical style

Lalo Schifrin

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Lalo Schifrin on being music director for the Paris Philharmonic

Paul Shaffer

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Paul Shaffer on David Letterman and working on his shows as music director

G.E. Smith

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G.E. Smith on his duties as music director on Saturday Night Live
G.E. Smith on assembling the band for Saturday Night Live and the sound of the band during his tenure
G.E. Smith on how it felt playing in the studio on Saturday Night Live and his early performances on the show
G.E. Smith on creating musical arrangements for Saturday Night Live
G.E. Smith on advice to aspiring musicians