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Leo Chaloukian

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Leo Chaloukian on sound mixing for animation
Leo Chaloukian on how sound mixing for animation differs from live action
Leo Chaloukian on his love of sound mixing

Carroll Pratt

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Carroll Pratt on the kind of equipment he used in sound mixing in the early years, and on the professionals he collaborated with
Carroll Pratt on the "laugh machine"
Carroll Pratt on the mechanics of the laugh track and how it worked
Carroll Pratt on tailoring a laugh track to a show, using M*A*S*H as an example
Carroll Pratt on recording audiences for laugh tracks in the early days, and on working with the audience to get reactions
Carroll Pratt on improving on the laugh track after leaving Charlie Douglas, and on starting his own company
Carroll Pratt on consulting with producers on shows he provided the laugh track for
Carroll Pratt on providing a laugh track for Hee Haw, on dealing with regional and ethnic audiences when creating a laugh track, and on creating a laugh track for American shows that have been dubbed into another language
Carroll Pratt on the challenge of providing laugh tracks for animated series
Carroll Pratt on the most important elements of sound design, and on his distaste for digital sound
Carroll Pratt on recording Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR) at which Barbra Streisand is an expert, on what a re-recordist does, and on doing Foley
Carroll Pratt on providing sports sound effects
Carroll Pratt on dealing with the limitations of early television set speakers, and on modifying equipment once the technology improved
Carroll Pratt on providing audience reaction enhancement for live shows like The Emmy Awards
Carroll Pratt on advice to aspiring sound professionals
Carroll Pratt on how audience laughs have changed and evolved over the decades
Carroll Pratt on how audience reactions have evolved over the decades