Lighting Director

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George Spiro Dibie

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George Spiro Dibie on creating the Dibie Net to create pleasant lighting for women

Robert Dickinson

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Robert Dickinson on lighting for specific celebrities/individuals
Robert Dickinson on the next big thing in lighting and how television lighting has changed

Imero Fiorentino

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Imero Fiorentino on the role of a lighting director and lighting designer
Imero Fiorentino on the tools of a lighting director and how they changed over the years

William Klages

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William Klages on his interest in lighting
William Klages on the role of a lighting director and HMI; on early unions for lighting technicians
William Klages on the profession of Lighting Directors and the interaction with the Director
William Klages on putting together a lighting design
William Klages on handling demands of performers as a Lighting Director
William Klages on advice for aspiring lighting directors

Works with the Lighting Designer to manage all aspects of lighting for a production and to support and install the lighting design. This may include focusing lights, creating and programming lighting cues and running a show for the duration of a series.