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Interviewees discuss memorable moments in televised sports.

Frank Gifford on bloopers from the broadcast booth
Curt Gowdy on Ted Willams last game
Don Ohlmeyer on pushing the industry forward on Monday Night Football
Ken Burns on his documentary series Baseball, and his career-long exploration of race in America
Bob Costas on the first time he served as prime-time host of the Olympics - 1992 in Barcelona and how he approaches hosting
Jim McKay on the Israeli hostage crisis during the 1972 Munich Olympics
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Berle Adams

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Berle Adams on selling professional wrestling to local Los Angeles television stations
Berle Adams on signing the American Football League as an MCA client
Berle Adams on signing Arnold Palmer as a client and creating the show Challenge Golf

Ted Bergmann

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Ted Bergmann on the importance of sports to DuMont
Ted Bergmann on arrangements to televise boxing for DuMont
Ted Bergmann on arrangements to televise football for DuMont

Linda Bell Blue

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Linda Bell Blue on covering the 1984 Democratic National Convention in San Francisco and the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles

George Bodenheimer

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George Bodenheimer on Chet Simmons' televising the NFL draft on ESPN
George Bodenheimer on televising the NCAA Basketball Tournament
George Bodenheimer on ESPN acquiring a contract with the NFL
George Bodenheimer on Monday Night Football and its legacy for ESPN since moving there from ABC
George Bodenheimer on ESPN's flagship program, SportsCenter

Ken Burns

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Ken Burns on his documentary series Baseball, and his career-long exploration of race in America

Bob Costas

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Bob Costas on covering the 1986 World Series when the Red Sox almost beat the curse, and the Red Sox finally beating it in 2004
Bob Costas on covering the 1982 World Series and the 1984 "Sandberg game"
Bob Costas on Kirk Gibson hitting the home-run off Dennis Eckersley in the 1988 World Series
Bob Costas on the first time he served as prime-time host of the Olympics - 1992 in Barcelona and how he approaches hosting
Bob Costas on covering the Olympics and why it's so captivating; on the tone of the Games and the Centennial Park bombing at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics
Bob Costas on the 2000 Sydney Olympics
Bob Costas on the 2004 Athens Olympics
Bob Costas on the response he gets to his Olympic coverage; on the dynamics of international sports
Bob Costas on decisions Dick Ebersol has to make as producer of The Olympics
Bob Costas on hosting On the Record with Bob Costas
Bob Costas on how his style affects telling the story of sports
Bob Costas on how the business of televised sports has changed

Frank Gifford

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Frank Gifford on first meeting Howard Cosell
Frank Gifford on his transition to CBS Sports and working on CBS Radio
Frank Gifford on hosting the NFL Pre-game show in 1963, that became a network show
Frank Gifford on being part of the CBS broadcast team for the first Super Bowl in 1967
Frank Gifford on how Roone Arledge changed sports broadcasting with his coverage of the Olympics
Frank Gifford on working on Wide World of Sports and memories of the terrorist attack in Munich at the 1972 Olympics

Leonard H. Goldenson

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Leonard H. Goldenson on the success of Monday Night Football

Julian Goodman

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Julian Goodman on NBC interrupting a Jets football game to broadcast "Heidi"
Julian Goodman on getting the AFL contract for NBC

Curt Gowdy

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Curt Gowdy on Yankee player Joe DiMaggio when he first started announcing for the Yankees
Curt Gowdy on how World Series differ from All-Star games
Curt Gowdy on preparing to cover hockey for the Olympics

Herb Granath

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Herb Granath on ABC being the network of the Olympics
Herb Granath on the "all marketing program" he started with Monday Night Football and the success of the program
Herb Granath on his recollections of ABC's Wide World of Sports
Herb Granath on working on Monday Night Football and creating a special sales unit focused on selling sports programming
Herb Granath on the birth of ESPN
Herb Granath on the growth of ESPN and the launch of ESPN 2
Herb Granath on Jim McKay's coverage of the Munich Massacre

Earl Hamner, Jr.

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Earl Hamner on working on the TV version of Heidi and the broadcast's memorable interruption of a football game

Jim McKay

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Jim McKay on the new television medium: seeing a boxing match on TV for the first time

Michael Moye

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Michael Moye on some people seeing racism where he does not

Don Ohlmeyer

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Don Ohlmeyer on becoming an associate director on The 1968 Olympics

Don Pardo

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Don Pardo on announcing a baseball game in 1946 on television

Dick Van Patten

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Dick Van Patten on the Eight Is Enough reunion movies beating the World Series in TV ratings

Hank Rieger

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Hank Rieger on "the Heidi incident" -- when NBC aired the beginning of Heidi instead of the end of a football game
Hank Rieger on doing publicity for the 1984 Olympics and challenges he faced covering the Olympics

Ted Turner

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Ted Turner on acquiring the Atlanta Braves games for WTCG and trying to get people to buy a UHF antenna
Ted Turner on buying the Atlanta Braves
Ted Turner on the Atlanta Braves winning the World Series in 1995

Tony Verna

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Tony Verna on covering the 1960 Rome Olympics
Tony Verna on directing CBS's Baseball Game of the Week
Tony Verna on the advent of the post-game show
Tony Verna on directing Monday Night Football
Tony Verna on working with the NFL and Pete Rozelle on football broadcasts
Tony Verna on directing Super Bowl XII in 1978
Tony Verna on directing hockey
Tony Verna on directing basketball
Tony Verna on directing various Super Bowls
Tony Verna on directing television coverage of boxing
Tony Verna on directing winter sports for television
Tony Verna on directing The Goodwill Games

Ben Wolf

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Ben Wolf on shooting sporting events

David L. Wolper

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David L. Wolper on producing the 1984 summer Olympics opening ceremonies

Jeff Zucker

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Jeff Zucker on a pattern in his career of moving from sports coverage to wider news coverage
Jeff Zucker on working as a Researcher for ABC during the 1984 Olympics
Jeff Zucker on working as a Researcher for NBC during the 1988 Olympics

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