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Interviewees discuss the fame that often accompanies working in television.

S. Epatha Merkerson on her fans
Sharon Gless on being hugged by fans, and the impact of Queer as Folk
Henry Winkler on fame and celebrity
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Chuck Barris

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Chuck Barris on getting recognized once he hosted The Gong Show
Chuck Barris on being approached by fans

Linda Bell Blue

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Linda Bell Blue on the public's fascination with Michael Jackson and covering the Royal Family
Linda Bell Blue on interviewing Charles Manson for KCBS in Los Angeles
Linda Bell Blue on star quality and covering entertainment worldwide 
Linda Bell Blue on covering the death of Michael Jackson
Linda Bell Blue on the biggest story of her career, covering Anna Nicole Smith for Entertainment Tonight

Peter Boyle

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Peter Boyle on fan mail he receives

Eric Braeden

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Eric Braeden on how fans took to his Young and the Restless character, "Victor Newman"
Eric Braeden on how fans react to his Young and the Restless character, "Victor Newman"
Eric Braeden on being recognized as "Victor Newman" on The Young and the Restless and encounters with fans

Alton Brown

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Alton Brown on what being on the Food Network has meant for his career and being a "cable-ebrity"

Mark Burnett

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Mark Burnett on reality show contestants and their fame

Jim Cantore

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Jim Cantore on his fans' perceptions of him
Jim Cantore on "The Cantore Snuggle Factor"

Marcy Carsey

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Marcy Carsey and Tom Werner on problems with Roseanne on the set of Roseanne and how fame changed her

Dick Cavett

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Dick Cavett on fame

Richard Chamberlain

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Richard Chamberlain on being a teen idol
Richard Chamberlain on being the first person interviewed for Entertainment Tonight, and the role of celebrity

Michael Chiklis

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Michael Chiklis on the fans of The Commish

Connie Chung

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Connie Chung on being recognized and the response to her from Asian-Americans and women

Jamie Farr

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Jamie Farr on cross-dressing as "Klinger" on M*A*S*H and reaction from fans from the "Big Mac" episode

Sharon Gless

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Sharon Gless and Barney Rosenzweig on getting recognized by and interacting with fans
Sharon Gless on being hugged by fans, and the impact of Queer as Folk

Curt Gowdy

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Curt Gowdy on broadcasters becoming celebrities

Geri Jewell

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Geri Jewell on the challenges she faced when her manager stole the money she earned from The Facts of Life and how the show's producer Al Burton tried to help her
Geri Jewell on her experience with "overnight fame" and the impact of her visibility as a person with a disability

Steve Kroft

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Steve Kroft on the movement toward more celebrity-driven news

Jack Larson

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Jack Larson on the instant popularity of "Jimmy Olsen" and being typecast as an actor

Lucy Lawless

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Lucy Lawless on dealing with her fame from Xena: Warrior Princess  and being a feminist icon
Lucy Lawless on how celebrity has affected her

Barry Livingston

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Barry Livingston on how fans reacted to him when he was on My Three Sons
Barry Livingston on how fame has affected his life

Bob May

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Bob May on the fan mail he received while on Lost in Space

Tammy Faye Bakker Messner

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Tammy Faye Bakker-Messner on celebrity

Laraine Newman

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Laraine Newman on her fame from Saturday Night Live  and who the show appealed to
Laraine Newman on fan encounters during her time on Saturday Night Live

Leonard Nimoy

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Leonard Nimoy on the ups and downs of fame

Ed O'Neill

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Ed O'Neill on getting recognized by fans

Mark Snow

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Mark Snow on dealing with fame and success, especially as he experienced it during the height of The X-Files

Johnny Stearns

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Mary Kay and Johnny Stearns on getting recognized from Mary Kay and Johnny
Mary Kay and Johnny Stearns on using their real identities on Mary Kay and Johnny; on not wanting celebrity

Cindy Williams

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Cindy Williams on fan reaction to Laverne & Shirley  and the fame that resulted from being on the show 

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