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Ralph Senensky on serving in World War II
Interview: Ralph Senensky Topic: World War II
Delbert Mann on serving in the Air Force during World War II
Interview: Delbert Mann Topic: World War II
Dan Rather on his second interview with Saddam Hussein
Interview: Dan Rather Topic: War on Terror
Ken Burns on The Civil War's effect on public perception of the War in Iraq
Interview: Ken Burns Topic: War on Terror
Anthony Geary and Genie Francis on the wedding of "Luke and Laura" on General Hospital
Interview: Genie Francis Topic: We Celebrated
Peter Bonerz on the Ross/Rachel kiss from the Friends season two episode, "The One Where Ross Finds Out"
Interview: Peter Bonerz Topic: We Celebrated
Stage manager James Wall on accompanying Walter Cronkite on U.S. space mission coverage
Interview: James Wall Topic: Moon Landing
Bill Dana on the relationship of the fictional "Jose Jimenez "and the real Bill to the NASA Apollo program - Alan Shepard's code name was "Jose"
Interview: Bill Dana Topic: Moon Landing
Bob Stewart on the Quiz Show Scandals and how it affected game show producers
Former FCC Chairman Newton Minow on arranging for Voice of America broadcasts on commercial stations during the Cuban Missile Crisis
Interview: Newton N. Minow Topic: Cold War
Curt Gowdy on Ted Willams last game
Jeffrey Hayden on Quincy's plots, including the episode "Seldom Silent, Never Heard," that influenced the passing of the Orphan Drug Act (ODA)
Maria Riva on appearing on a series of cerebral palsy telethons in the 1950s at the request of Yul Brynner (the airtime donated by ABC President Leonard Goldenson), and trying to dispel the stigma of the disease
Interview: Maria Riva Topic: Health and Medicine
Hector Ramirez on working on Super Bowl halftime shows  
Interview: Hector Ramirez Show: Super Bowl
Reza Badiyi on how the Iranian Hostage Crisis affected him and finally getting work on The Incredible Hulk
Interview: Reza Badiyi Topic: Iran Hostage Crisis