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Tim Russert on covering the truthfulness under oath during the Clinton presidency
Interview: Tim Russert Topic: Bill Clinton
Gwen Ifill on covering Clinton's election and the White House for The New York Times
Interview: Gwen Ifill Topic: Bill Clinton
Larry King on the election of President Barack Obama
Interview: Larry King Topic: Barack Obama
Robert Dickinson on lighting Clinton's second inaugural ball and 4 events for Obama's inauguration
Interview: Robert Dickinson Topic: Barack Obama
Gwen Ifill on her 2009 book The Breakthrough, Politics And Race In The Age Of Obama
Interview: Gwen Ifill Topic: Barack Obama
Garry Marshall on violinist Itzhak Perlman not being approved to guest on an Odd Couple episode because of his physical disability
Dan Rather on his first interview with Saddam Hussein
Interview: Dan Rather Topic: Gulf War
Producer Garry Marshall on his service during the Korean War, where he ran Army radio stations
Interview: Garry Marshall Topic: Korean War
Larry Hagman on joining the U.S. Air Force during the Korean War and handling troop entertainment in NCO clubs
Interview: Larry Hagman Topic: Korean War
Henry Winkler on his mentors and advice to actors entering the business
Steve Allen on being drafted into World War II
Interview: Steve Allen Topic: World War II
Bill Dana on the Leopoldville disaster, the "Cheshire Cats," and visiting Dachau concentration camp
Interview: Bill Dana Topic: World War II
Ralph Senensky on serving in World War II
Interview: Ralph Senensky Topic: World War II
Delbert Mann on serving in the Air Force during World War II
Interview: Delbert Mann Topic: World War II
Dan Rather on his second interview with Saddam Hussein
Interview: Dan Rather Topic: War on Terror