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Sam Donaldson on covering the assassination attempt on President Reagan as ABC White House correspondent
Interview: Sam Donaldson Topic: Ronald Reagan
Dan Rather on covering the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago and Lyndon Johnson
Interview: Dan Rather Topic: Lyndon B. Johnson
Tom and Dick Smothers on their relationship with the Johnson administration
Interview: Tom Smothers Topic: Lyndon B. Johnson
Sam Donaldson on President Kennedy's appeal to his generation
Interview: Sam Donaldson Topic: John F. Kennedy
Sam Donaldson on the differences in how the Carter and Reagan administrations treated the press
Lesley Stahl on her start as CBS White House correspondent, covering the second half of Jimmy Carter's presidency
Interview: Lesley Stahl Topic: Jimmy Carter
Garry Marshall on violinist Itzhak Perlman not being approved to guest on an Odd Couple episode because of his physical disability
Dan Rather on his first interview with Saddam Hussein
Interview: Dan Rather Topic: Gulf War
Producer Garry Marshall on his service during the Korean War, where he ran Army radio stations
Interview: Garry Marshall Topic: Korean War
Larry Hagman on joining the U.S. Air Force during the Korean War and handling troop entertainment in NCO clubs
Interview: Larry Hagman Topic: Korean War
Bill Dana on the Leopoldville disaster, the "Cheshire Cats," and visiting Dachau concentration camp
Interview: Bill Dana Topic: World War II
Dan Rather on his second interview with Saddam Hussein
Interview: Dan Rather Topic: War on Terror
Bill Dana on the relationship of the fictional "Jose Jimenez "and the real Bill to the NASA Apollo program - Alan Shepard's code name was "Jose"
Interview: Bill Dana Topic: Moon Landing
Curt Gowdy on Ted Willams last game
Reza Badiyi on how the Iranian Hostage Crisis affected him and finally getting work on The Incredible Hulk
Interview: Reza Badiyi Topic: Iran Hostage Crisis