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James Arness on the amount of violence on Gunsmoke
Interview: James Arness Genre: Western Series
Vince Gilligan on the genesis of Breaking Bad
Interview: Vince Gilligan Show: Breaking Bad
Composer Earle Hagen on NBC initially not approving Bill Cosby to co-star in I Spy because it feared repercussions from Southern affiliates
Jim McKay on having to tell the world that the Israeli hostages taken at the 1972 Olympic games, were "all gone"
Interview: Jim McKay Topic: We Cried
Joan Ganz Cooney on the Sesame Street episode following actor Will Lee's death,  "Farewell, Mr. Hooper" (airdate: November 24, 1983)
Interview: Joan Ganz Cooney Topic: We Cried
Ralph Senensky on directing Breaking Point and "The Bull Roarer" episode in which a young man thinks he might be gay
Interview: Ralph Senensky Topic: LGBTQ
Charles S. Dubin on being called to testify before the House Un-American Activities Committee and being blacklisted for five years
Writer Walter Bernstein on being listed in "Red Channels" and his subsequent blacklisting
Robert Vaughn on his dissertation on The Blacklist
News Correspondent Howard K. Smith on the importance of television in the Civil Rights Movement
Ossie Davis on participating in the Civil Rights Movement
Joan Ganz Cooney on how The Children's Television Network was a beacon of hope after the death of Martin Luther King Jr.
Morley Safer on being a broadcast journalist in Vietnam during the war
Interview: Morley Safer Topic: Vietnam War
Dan Rather on reporting on the Vietnam War
Interview: Dan Rather Topic: Vietnam War
Leo Chaloukian on unknowingly supplying Nixon with the equipment for all of his infamous Watergate recordings
Interview: Leo Chaloukian Topic: Richard M. Nixon