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Ossie Davis on the impact Roots had: "Roots helped supply America with a truer definition of who black people were than any other work that had come along"
Interview: Ossie Davis Show: Roots
Ricardo Montalban on his ads for Chrysler's Cordoba
Interview: Ricardo Montalban Genre: Commercials
Roger Ebert on his approach to reviewing a film in print and for television
Interview: Roger Ebert Show: At the Movies
Henry Winkler on producing MacGyver
Interview: Henry Winkler Show: MacGyver
Bill Dana on his recurring role on St. Elsewhere and working with Howie Mandel
Interview: Bill Dana Show: St. Elsewhere
Mark Burnett on being a pioneer of reality television
Interview: Mark Burnett Genre: Reality TV
Al Michaels on how he came up with "Do you believe in miracles?" when covering the 1980 Olympics
Interview: Al Michaels Topic: Olympic Games
Dick Ebersol on how Muhammed Ali came to be involved with the Atlanta Olympics
Interview: Dick Ebersol Topic: Olympic Games
Alan Young on appearing in the live Studio One teleplay "This Will Do Nicely" (airdate: April 2, 1956)
Interview: Alan Young Show: Studio One
Lesley Stahl on the process of doing a story for 60 Minutes
Sam Donaldson on the competitive nature of ABC News in the 1970s as they tried to scoop CBS or NBC
Paul Shaffer on David Letterman and working on his shows
Interview: Paul Shaffer Genre: Late Night
Leslie Moonves on his "More with Les" segments on the Late Show with David Letterman
Bill Dana on the genesis of the "Man on the Street" segments on The Steve Allen Show, and working with Don Knotts, Tom Poston, Louis Nye on those sketches
James Arness on the concept of Gunsmoke as the first TV Western geared more to adults than children, and on the process of filming an episode 
Interview: James Arness Genre: Western Series