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Andy Ackerman on directing his first episode of Seinfeld, "The Chaperone"
Bill Dana on being sent to witness the concentration camp at Dachau by President Eisenhower
Interview: Bill Dana Topic: World War II
Joseph Wershba on covering the Korean Conflict for CBS
Interview: Joseph Wershba Topic: Korean War
Jim MKay on his interview with Fidel Castro; asking him how close we came to nuclear war during the Cuban Missile Crisis
Interview: Jim McKay Topic: War
Sam Donaldson on covering the Vietnam War for ABC News
Interview: Sam Donaldson Topic: Vietnam War
Jim McKay on the Israeli hostage crisis during the 1972 Munich Olympics
Interview: Jim McKay Topic: Olympic Games
Ken Burns on his documentary series Baseball, and his career-long exploration of race in America
Connie Chung on where she was on 9/11 and covering Cantor Fitzgerald
Interview: Connie Chung Topic: 9/11
Phil Rosenthal on America: A Tribute to Heroes and 9/11
Interview: Phil Rosenthal Topic: 9/11
Sheila Nevins on the HBO documentary In Memoriam 9/11
Interview: Sheila Nevins Topic: 9/11
Mario Kreutzberger on Sabado Gigante's show on 9/11
Interview: Mario Kreutzberger Topic: 9/11
Aaron Spelling on winning an Emmy for the HBO movie And the Band Played On
Interview: Aaron Spelling Topic: Emmy Awards
James L. Brooks on Room 222 beating Sesame Street as best new show
Interview: James L. Brooks Topic: Emmy Awards
Lighting Director Imero Fiorentino on Telstar I, the satellite that relayed the first live transatlantic transmission on July 10, 1962— the American flag outside the sending station at Andover, Maine
Hector Ramirez on the most significant advancement to his field - the mini-cam