Tue, 02/27/2007

Pat Morita's Interview is Now Online

Noriyuke "Pat" Morita's interview is now online. Best known on television for his role of "Arnold" on Happy Days, this interview provides a fascinating account of his life and career. Click here to access all 7 segments.

Interview Description:
Pat Morita (1932-2005) talks about his early years, including his childhood internment in a camp in California for Japanese-Americans during World War II. He discusses turning to comedy performance at the age of 30, and his quick rise to his television debut on Hollywood Palace. He reminisces about landing a regular role on Happy Days as Arnold and working with the cast. He also discusses appearing on Sanford and Son and speaks fondly of his mentor, the late Redd Foxx. He also speaks of his work on the “Karate Kid” feature films. The interview was conducted by Karen Herman on October 13, 2000.