Thu, 06/02/2011

Calling all "Dallas" Fans - Larry Hagman to auction off personal memorabilia on June 4

Actor (and Archive of American Television interviewee) Larry Hagman has put some of his memorabilia up for auction--  including Dallas memorabilia and furnishings from his California estate as well as items from the estate of his mother, Mary Martin.

According to the catalog: choice TV memorabilia items include Dallas scripts (estimates ranging between $250 to $800), games, trading cards, photographs, instruments, and clothing. There are also a variety of awards and items representing Hagman’s interests in various causes, including anti-smoking campaigns, organ donation, solar power, Harley-Davidson Bikers Against Diabetes, the Ojai Festival, and more.

Sadly, there were no original I Dream of Jeannie items to be found....

The beautifully illustrated catalog and details about the online and live auction (in Beverly Hills, CA) can be found online at It's well worth a look!

Direct link to auction catalog: