Wed, 11/18/2009

"Wagon Train" Season One now out on DVD-- Classic Western Series

Wagon Train was the #2 series from 1958-61 (behind Gunsmoke each of these seasons), and featured an array of Hollywood guest stars. In season one alone, Ernest Borgnine, Linda Darnell, Ricardo Montalban, Agnes Moorehead, and Cesar Romero were among the guest stars. The series, starring Ward Bond as Wagonmaster from 1957-61 and Christopher Hale from 1961-65, was one of the five nominees in the one year (1958-59) that the Emmys gave an Award for Best Western Series.

The Archive's Wagon Train page features stories from actors Leonard Nimoy (who appeared on the season 3 episode "The Estaban Zamora Story") and Ann B. Davis (who appeared on season 3 episode "The Countess Baranof Story").

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