Mon, 07/11/2016

US Presidential Elections and a New Partnership

We're excited to announce our partnership with the Google Cultural Institute! As part of the American Democracy collection, we have collected dozens of stories from our interviewees: journalists, producers, correspondents, and news anchors who have worked for, covered, or consulted on nearly every Presidential election since 1936. Bill Moyers tells the story of LBJ accepting JFK’s offer to be his vice president. Steve Kroft gives the behind-the-scenes scoop on his 1992 60 Minutes interview with the Clintons. Walter Cronkite tells the tale of how the term “news anchor” was coined during the 1952 conventions. George Schlatter describes Richard Nixon’s many attempts to get “Sock it to me” just right on Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In.

You can scroll through one of our exhibits, "United States Presidential Elections: 1936 to the Present" below. Visit our page on the Google Cultural Institute for more exhibits and videos.