Fri, 04/07/2017

Reiner on Reiner

Carl Reiner and Rob Reiner

We're so excited that talented father-son duo Carl Reiner and Rob Reiner are being honored by getting their hand and footprints imprinted in the sidewalk in front of Hollywood's TCL Chinese Theatre. The pair already has adjoining stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

While having a parent in the entertainment industry may offer a leg up to aspiring writers, directors, and actors, having an extremely successful parent can also provide potential pitfalls. As Rob says, "There’s no question about it, you are definitely looked at differently. You’re scrutinized. And if you don’t measure up, you’re going to be tossed aside." 

Of course, Rob managed to overcome those odds, and both he and his father are Hollywood legends. Here's our tribute to Carl and Rob: Hollywood royalty, huge talents, and a loving father and son!

-Jenna Hymes