Tue, 09/13/2016

Learn the Facts of Geri Jewell’s Life in her Archive interview!

Geri Jewell

As Cousin Geri on The Facts of Life, Geri Jewell broke ground on American television: she became the first person with a visible disability to have a recurring role on an American primetime TV series. The character was tailored to Geri, a real-life stand-up comic, and at times incorporated jokes from her own comedy routines. Geri Jewell as Cousin Geri literally changed the face of television in 1980.

Geri had another long-standing role in 2004, when David Milch created a role specifically for her on his new HBO series, Deadwood. She not only played Jewel, Al Swearengen’s cleaning lady/cook at the Gem Saloon; Geri also helped create the backstory for her character. 

In her Archive interview Geri also talks about appearing on 21 Jump Street, The Young and the Restless, and Glee, and offers advice for people with disabilities who want to go into entertainment.

Today Geri Jewell turns 60 - celebrate her birthday by watching her full Archive interview!