Wed, 04/27/2011

Katie Couric discusses her legacy at CBS Evening News

Katie Couric sat for her Archive of American Television Interview in 2010, and talked about her long career in television journalism, including her tenure as a host on NBC's Today show.

While Connie Chung, Barbara Walters, and others had co-hosted the nightly evening news, Couric became the country's first solo, permanent, female nightly news anchor when she joined CBS's Evening News in 2006. Today she announced she would be stepping down from that post.

In this interview excerpt, she discusses her legacy as an anchor, why the show was groundbreaking for television news, what it meant for her as a woman, and why she is proud of the job she did there.

"I wanted people to see a female newscaster on the evening news and say “That's normal. This isn’t a first. This is acceptable.” Women are more than half of the population and newscasters and on-air reporters-- they should look like America."
- Katie Couric, from her June 18, 2010 interview.