Thu, 08/31/2006

Just Published: A Guide to Television, Film, and Digital Media Programs at Top Colleges and Universities Nationwide

Anyone who's watched the Archive of American Television's interviews, knows that many of our honorees stress how a solid education or a special mentorship was critical to their success.

If you or someone you know would like to pursue a career in the industry, check out the schools featured in the just-published Television, Film, and Digital Media Programs: 556 Outstanding Programs at Top Colleges and Universities across the Nation.

Co-written with the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation (the Archive's parent organization), The Princeton Review guide profiles 215 schools that offer a total 556 of the most outstanding programs in television, film, and digital media studies. The book details areas of focus, faculty and campus equipment. You'll also find a foreword written by HBO Chairman and CEO Chris Albrecht and 16 thumbnail profiles of successful industry professionals who benefited from the mentorship and programs of the Academy's Foundation.