Mon, 10/17/2011

"Hollywood Squares" Turns 45 - No Bluffing!

October 17th marks the 45th anniversary of Hollywood Squares, which debuted in daytime on October 17, 1966. The 1966 pilot was actually the third attempt at the game show: Bert Parks hosted the first pilot, Sandy Baron the second, and Peter Marshall hosted the third and became the regular host until 1981. Subsequent hosts of the program include Jon Bauman (1983-84), John Davidson (1986-89), and Tom Bergeron (1998-2004). The rules of the game: two contestants play tic-tac-toe on a 3x3 board composed of cubes occupied by celebrity guests. The host asks a star a question, who then answers truthfully or bluffs. A contestant "wins" a square by correctly identifying whether or not the star within is telling the truth. The first player to win three squares in a row (horizontally, diagonally, or vertically) wins the round. Morey Amsterdam, Ernest Borgnine, Agnes Moorehead, Rose Marie, and Charley Weaver were among the first celebrity guests.

Archive interviewees Peter Marshall, Ernest Borgnine (who occupied the first center square), and Rose Marie reminisce about the program:

Peter Marshall on hosting Hollywood Squares:

Ernest Borgnine on being a regular on the show:

Rose Marie on her tenure on the program:

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