Mon, 06/14/2010

Here's Lucy: Season Three on DVD

The complete season three of Here's Lucy comes out on DVD tomorrow. This season featured some of the show's most well-known episodes, including "Lucy the Skydiver," "Lucy Cuts Vincent's Price," and "Lucy Goes Hawaiian, Parts One and Two." The third season opener, "Lucy Meets the Burtons" featuring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton was certainly the show's most famous— it was also the series' highest-rated episode. Variety called this episode "a fine example of situation comedy played to the hilt."

"We did Here’s Lucy with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. They said they wanted to be on, and Lucy thought they were kidding." — Madelyn (Pugh) Davis

The Archive interviewed several of the contributors to Here's Lucy, including writer Larry Rhine, who discusses the season three episode "Lucy the Skydiver."