Tue, 11/21/2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Archive of American Television can't help you in the kitchen, but we can entertain you with an interview with one of American's top television chefs! As you wait for your turkey to be done, take a look at legendary TV chef Julia's Child's Archive of American Television Interview.

Click here to access Julia Child's entire interview.

Interview Description:

Julia Child (1912-2004) was interviewed for three hours in Cambridge, MA. Ms. Child discussed her first television show The French Chef created in 1962 for Boston's PBS station WGBH which was on the air until 1973. In 1978, Ms. Child returned to public television with Julia and Company. She talked about being a regular on Good Morning America throughout the 1980's. The interview was conducted by Michael Rosen on June 25, 1999.

Bon appetit!