Sun, 11/08/2015

Happy 101st Birthday, Norman Lloyd!

Norman Lloyd

Acting, directing, producing - longevity in any one of these endeavors is impressive. Norman Lloyd has flourished in all three. The sheer number of credits to his name are staggering by any measure, even for someone turning 101 years old. He has worked extensively with such luminaries as Alfred Hitchcock and Orson Welles and in such varied mediums as theater, radio, film, and, of course, television.

His very first television role was back in 1939 in a live production of Anthony Mann’s The Streets of New York. His latest television acting credit was as “Donald” on Modern Family in 2010. In between, he appeared on dozens of classic shows including The Twilight Zone, The Paper Chase, Wiseguy, Murder, She Wrote and The Practice. Perhaps he is currently best known for playing “Dr. Daniel Auschlander” on the classic series St. Elsewhere.

He's also produced numerous made-for-television movies. In 1957 Norman started as executive producer on Alfred Hitchcock Presents, and remained with the show for over 200 episodes.

Norman’s first directing job was for the series The Adventures of Kit Carson in 1951. Throughout his career he directed 21 TV series and made-for-television movies. In 1952 he directed the Omnibus production of “Mr. Lincoln” with a then-young, unknown filmmaker named Stanley Kubrick as his second unit director.

Please join the Archive in wishing the talented, prolific, and engaging Mr. Norman Lloyd a very happy 101st birthday.

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- by John Dalton