Tue, 01/23/2007

Far Out New Book! "TV's Grooviest Variety Shows of the '60s and '70s"

Another terrific TV history book has made its way onto bookstore shelves -- Telly R. Davidson's TV's Grooviest Variety Shows of the '60s and '70s (Cumberland House, $22.95). The book consists of well-researched, fun and detailed chapters on the REALLY famous variety shows (Ed Sullivan, Lawrence Welk, Dean Martin, The Smothers Brothers, Carol Burnett, Laugh-In, Flip Wilson, and Sonny and Cher), and includes shorter listings on many others like Donny & Marie, Sha Na Na, The Jim Nabors Hour, etc. Other listings include some of television's wackiest fare like The Brady Bunch Hour, and Pink Lady and Jeff -- a whole book can be written on this one alone! If you're like us, you'll ask why a full chapter wasn't done on EVERY series discussed, because Davidson makes the history behind each show so interesting.

To readers in Los Angeles: On Saturday, January 27th, at 2PM, Telly will be signing the book at Book Soup. Book Soup Author Events, Author Apperance , Sunset Strip, Los Angeles, California.