Tue, 06/12/2007

Don Herbert, TV's "Mr. Wizard," Passes On

Don Herbert, known to television viewers for four decades as "Mr. Wizard," has died at age 89. The first incarnation of his educational science show, Watch Mr. Wizard, began on March 3, 1951 on WMAQ (WNBQ) in Chicago. The show continued in various formats, finding new life in the 1980s as the Nickelodeon series Mr. Wizard's World. Herbert also developed the 90s series Teacher to Teacher with Mr. Wizard that highlighted exemplary elementary science teachers and projects.

Don Herbert was interviewed by the Archive of American Television's Karen Herman on January 24, 2005.

Interview Description:
Don Herbert described his early years as an actor on stage and radio before turning to television where he created the classic children’s science series Watch Mr. Wizard. He detailed his hosting of the show, as well as working with his young assistants. He talked about his simultaneous work as G. E. Theater’s “progress reporter,” hosting a different three-minute commercial segment for each episode through the majority of the run. He talked about the later incarnations of the “Mr. Wizard” franchise. He also mentioned his appearances on morning and late-night television talk shows.

There is also a wonderful Mr. Wizard website -- click here to access.