Mon, 10/02/2006

Don Hastings' Archive of American Television Interview Is Now Online

This is part two of Don Hastings's six part interview, where he talks about Captain Video and his Video Rangers. Click here to watch the entire interview.

Don Hastings has played "Dr. Bob Hughes" on As the World Turns since 1960.

Interview Description:

Hastings begins by talking about his early years in theater and radio. He then talks about his television debut on the Du Mont network. He describes in great detail his regular role as the “the Ranger” on the popular Du Mont children’s television series Captain Video and his Video Rangers. He discusses his work in soap operas starting with The Edge of Night, where he played “Jack Lane” from 1956-60. He then chronicles his experiences on the series for which he is most associated, As the World Turns, where he has played the role of “Dr. Bob Hughes” continually since 1960. For ATWT, Hastings talks about the creative team behind the series and working with his long-time co-stars (and their character’s relationships), as well as his current shooting schedule and how he goes about learning his lines. He also compares the eras that the show has seen and talks about some of his favorite storylines.