Fri, 04/20/2007

Dennis Franz's Archive Interview Is Now Online!

Multi-Emmy Award-winning actor Dennis Franz's 2-1/2 hour interview is now online. Franz was awarded four Emmy Awards for playing "Andy Sipowicz" on NYPD Blue.

In part 4 of his interview, Franz talks about working on NYPD Blue.

Click here to view Dennis Franz's entire interview.

Interview Description:
Franz talked about his early years breaking into theater, including his work performing as a regular member of the Organic Theater Company in Chicago in the early 1970s. He described acting in several films of Robert Altman and Brian DePalma and his association with each of these directors early in his career. He spoke about his work on Hill Street Blues: describing his storylines and acting with the ensemble. He discussed the short-lived baseball comedy-drama series Bay City Blues, its subsequent cancellation, and his return to Hill Street Blues as another character. He commented on the spin-off series Beverly Hills Buntz, an attempt at the time, Franz states, for the creation of a “dramedy,” which was twice reworked. He spoke in great detail about the role for which he is most associated “Andy Sipowicz” (by Franz’s count his 28th role as a cop) on NYPD Blue: his suggestions for his character (including an idea to introduce a mixed relationship for him, which was rejected), his reaction to the nudity and violence on the show, what he felt distinguished the show from other cop shows, working with writer-producer David Milch, and working with the many ensemble actors. The interview was conducted by Stephen J. Abramson on October 12, 2006.