Tue, 07/18/2006

D. C. Fontana's Archive of American Television Interview Is Now Online

Writer D. C. Fontana's three-and-a-half hour Archive of American Television interview has been added to the online collection at Google Video.

This video is Part 3 of D.C. Fontana's 7-part interview. In this segment, she speaks in-depth about her work on Star Trek. To access all segments, click here. (Remember, if you'd like to watch the interview in the order in which it was conducted, select the parts in order (1,2,3...).)

Interview Description:

Fontana begins by recalling her early career working for producers such as Samuel Peeples and Del Reisman, and describes how she came to work for writer/producer Gene Roddenberry as his assistant on The Lieutenant. Next, she speaks about the development of the science-fiction series Star Trek. She talks at great length about the show, including discussing the cast, the technology, and working with Roddenberry. She also explains how she came to be a writer on the series, and describes the episodes that she wrote. Later, she discusses her other many writing credits, including Star Trek: The Animated Series, The Streets of San Francisco, Logan’s Run, and The Waltons. Finally, Fontana talks about her experiences working on the first season of the series Star Trek: The Next Generation. The interview was conducted by Karen Herman on December 29, 2003.

During the interview Fontana gives her choices for her favorite original Star Trek episodes (see the end of part 3, above at about 27 minutes in). What are your favorites?