Mon, 03/29/2010

Classic "All in the Family" episode given the "Simpsons" Treatment

On the recent Simpsons episode "Stealing First Base" (airdate: 3/21/10) Sarah Silverman guest-starred as a girl who plants a kiss on Bart, leading to a Cinema Paradiso-inspired montage of famous movie & TV kisses. The last kiss seen in the montage is, unusually, and hilariously, from the All in the Family episode "Sammy's Visit" (in which the Bunker household welcomes Sammy Davis Jr., who gets the last laugh on Archie). The Simpsons' team brilliantly capture the look that Carroll O'Connor's Archie gave during this memorable classic TV moment.

Watch the Simpsons montage on the Archive's new page for All in the Family: "Sammy's Visit" and hear from the contributors of this classic episode including star Carroll O'Connor, writer Bill Dana, and director John Rich.