Sun, 05/28/2006

Celebrate Lucy-Desi Days 2006 From Your Desktop

Couldn't get to Jamestown, New York (Lucille Ball's hometown) this weekend to celebrate Lucy-Desi Days 2006? Well, we can't helicopter you to the ship, but we can point you to some fun interviews in our collection featuring memories of Lucy, Desi and the gang.

Although Lucy and Desi passed on before the Archive of American Television was founded, we've interviewed a lot of people involved in the success of "I Love Lucy" -- three of these interviews are online now.

Bob Carroll & Madelyn Pugh Davis -- writers on "I Love Lucy" and her subsequent series
Barbara Eden -- guest star on "I Love Lucy"
Doris Singleton -- actress who played Carolyn Appleby on "I Love Lucy"

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend!