Thu, 05/29/2008

Beloved Comedian Harvey Korman Has Died-- Archive Interview Online

Harvey Korman, known for his work as a regular on The Carol Burnett Show and in the films of Mel Brooks, has died at the age of 81. The Archive interviewed Korman together with his frequent comedy partner Tim Conway in 2004.

Harvey Korman was inducted into the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Hall of Fame in 2002.

Click here to access his Archive Interview.
Click here to access the Archive Interview with Harvey Korman & Tim Conway.

Interview Description:
Harvey Korman was interviewed for three hours in Beverly Hills, CA, consisting of two parts: one-and-a-half hours with comedy partner Tim Conway, and one-and-a-half hours alone. Korman spoke about studying under actress Uta Hagen and talked about some of his earliest television roles. He spoke thoughtfully about working with several legendary comics including Danny Kaye, Lucille Ball, and Jack Benny. He and Tim Conway spoke in great detail about their years on The Carol Burnett Show, including descriptions of famous characters and sketches. They also talked about their work in recent years touring the country with their two-man stage show. Korman talked about headlining several short-lived series and his thoughts on being better suited as a second banana. Additionally he spoke about his work as a voice actor, playing “The Great Gazoo” on The Flintstones, and his feature film collaborations with Mel Brooks and Blake Edwards.