Mon, 01/05/2009

Archive feature in the L.A. Times today!

Vance Durgin wrote a feature article about the Archive of American Television, which appears in today's L.A Times! Pick up a copy today, and spread the word!

Here's a snippet from the article:
"Capturing television history one voice at a time" is the motto of the archive, which contains interviews with nearly 600 key industry figures. What sets the archive apart, though, is that hundreds of hours of those interviews can also be seen on YouTube, to the delight of TV buffs everywhere.

Want to get Jack Larson's take on what it was like to play Jimmy Olsen in the "Superman" TV series of the 1950s? It's there. As are Ron Howard's recollections of working on "The Andy Griffith Show," William Shatner's remembrances of "Star Trek" and James Arness' reflections on "Gunsmoke."

A glance at the archive's YouTube channel ( legends) shows that more than 1,900 videos are available online -- that's about 950 hours of viewing. (A full list of interviewees can be found at

"Before, people had to visit our offices to watch the stuff, and now people all over the world" can, (Karen) Herman notes.