Tue, 05/30/2006

Andy Griffith turns 80!

June 1st is Andy Griffith’s 80th birthday. The Archive of American Television is proud to feature our two-hour interview with Griffith, which took place in North Carolina.

In his interview, Griffith recalls how his Broadway debut in "No Time for Sergeants" led to appearances on live television shows, including The U.S. Steel Hour, The Steve Allen Show, and Playhouse 90. He fondly remembers his long association with producer Sheldon Leonard, including the creation and run of The Andy Griffith Show.

Click here to access Andy Griffith's interview segments.

The Archive has interviewed several of the key contributors to The Andy Griffith Show, including Mayberry’s favorite deputy— Don Knotts — also available for viewing on Google Video.

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“The Pickle Story”
“Man in a Hurry”
“Opie and the Spoiled Kid”
“Barney’s First Car”
“Dogs, Dogs, Dogs”
“Mountain Wedding”
“Opie the Birdman”
“Citizen’s Arrest”
“Barney’s Sidecar”
“My Fair Ernest T. Bass”