Fri, 06/23/2006

An Archive Staff Note

Those of you who've watched our online interviews with Barbara Eden, Bob Mackie, Frances Reid, Phil Roman and Doris Singleton are already familiar with Jennifer Howard (pictured here with interviewee Doris Singleton, left), a staff researcher at the Archive of American Television who conducted those interviews. After being with the Archive for almost seven years and meticulously researching the lives and careers of close to 100 interviewees, Jennifer will be leaving her full-time position because she's moving a few more miles away from our headquarters -- which in L.A. traffic parlance, means that the commute is impossible. Today is her last day as a full-time staffmember.

Without the hard work of our research team, the interviews would lack the scope and detail so essential in capturing the voices of these television legends for generations to come. Please join us in wishing Jennifer the best and keep your eyes open -- as we continue posting interviews, you'll be seeing a lot more of her work in the months to come.